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A unique lighting system you can look up to - literally


Hospitals need to provide a comforting environment for their patients, and in this respect, lighting is particularly important. Few situations are as likely to have people looking steadily up at the ceiling. With this in mind, ICON International Inc. was challenged to design a system that would fit an extremely tight plenum space in an older hospital building.


Our design engineers created a perimeter fixture system that suited the situation perfectly. The Prime 44 Wall Wash perimeter system lit the space beautifully, and because the Prime 44 is surprisingly compact and lightweight, installation into the limited space was not only possible, it was a snap. Adjustable housing and light strips maximized performance, insuring a true "wall-to-wall" lighting system without dark zones.


Patients are comfortable. They now see gentle ambient light, not a lighting fixture, and the hospital atmosphere is bright and uniform. The hospital's maintenance crew benefits, as well. Prime 44's proprietary snap-in system makes it possible to single-handedly remove the recessed light strips for easy lamp replacement and upkeep.