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The right lighting solution makes even your bottom line look better


Roundy’s, an upper mid-west grocery chain, wanted to update its 150+ stores to improve product presentation and reduce energy costs. We demonstrated that the answer wasn’t adding more lights or stronger lamps. What they needed was a better lighting system tailored to each specific product area.


After analyzing their entire store, we designed a better, more energy-efficient lighting system that made all their products look their best, and, at the same time, saved them as much as 50% on their electrical lighting bill.

For instance, we designed a reflector system specifically for the grocery aisle that evenly distributed light from the top shelf to the bottom shelf. In addition, ICON International Inc. developed separate LED track systems in the produce, floral, and wine departments, that delivered the right light using 70% less energy.

We made maximum use of natural light by integrating daylight harvesting sensors near windows and a wiring system that allowed them to turn off half their lights in an alternating pattern to save energy during downtime. As a result, Roundy’s was able to earn LEED status from the U.S.Green Building Council. .


ICON International Inc.‘s aesthetically pleasing, smart, site-specific lighting solutions helped save money and energy. And, all the materials we used were renewable. The right lighting system improved foot traffic, increased the average sale per customer, and reduced energy and maintenance costs.