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Our Process

ICON International Inc. supplies state of the art and convenient lighting systems to our client relationships. Our most successful projects and relationships develop through complete package design and management. This saves our clients time and money while contributing control over the package and installation.

ICON International Inc.‘s relationships and projects of this style include major retailers, Healthcare, Supermarket, and Mass Transit. Each year, ICON provides 400-500 stores per year with custom fixtures and layouts. We are looking towards our next “Innovation award of excellence.” We supply over 25 completely unique stores to our major Supermarket accounts each year. We’ve also completed several major energy audits for them. The latest will show them a five year ROI of 25% and reduce their energy consumption by over 50%. Each year, we also provide three to five Mass Transit stations with complete lighting systems. These include integrated speaker systems, signage, and a host of unique engineered solutions.

Each project or relationship is assigned a dedicated project manager who coordinates on-time deliveries and answers any questions. Our staff interacts directly with the installing contractor, design team, and project management to ease as much management burden from our clients shoulders as possible. We look forward to discussing any way that our services might add to your project.

Building Relationships

With our roots firmly planted in the New England tradition of superior craftsmanship, we offer consistent product quality, designing and building products that outperform and outlive the industries best, thus providing customers with outstanding value. Using experience gained during our evolution from a job-shop lighting manufacturer to a marketing-based R&D boutique, we build the best possible products, giving customers confidence in their installations. We build ease of installation and maintenance into every luminaire, delivery peace of mind to our customers.

We deliver comprehensive and complete CUSTOMER SERVICE before and after the sale, going above and beyond any other lighting company to ensure a successful stress-free project. We work with customers from initial design through research, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, installation, on-time delivery and periodic site inspections to make certain our solutions are delivering all that we and our customers expect, and more.

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