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Site-Specific Lighting Solutions

Virtually every environment and venue can be dramatically enhanced by creative lighting

Since 1947

ICON International Inc.‘s lighting experts have been proving this true by designing site-specific lighting into a wide range of settings. From office complexes and retail sites to museum lobbies, and transit stations; each design solved a specific problem, enhanced a particular environment, increased energy efficiency, and in many cases actually helped improve the client’s bottom line.

Unlike some lighting manufacturing conglomerates who’ll sell you one of their products, plug it in and leave, ICON International Inc. is a team of experienced, creative problem-solvers who take you from concept to completion and beyond.

We offer you:

FREE SITE SURVEY: That’s right, there’s no charge for our research and analysis of your site. We’ll discuss your goals, factor in your financial parameters, conduct an energy audit, and create a custom lighting plan with photometrics to optimize foot candle levels. All at no cost to you.

ON-GOING UPKEEP: Our experts’ goal is to create a lighting solution within your budget that can evolve and change with your needs. To that end we’re always available to help you adjust and re-focus your lighting system. Part of our agreement includes free periodic inspections to make certain your lighting is up-to-date.

CUSTOM FIXTURES, FAST: One of our specialties is creating custom products and systems on time and as needed. Because of our streamlined in-house process, ICON International Inc. has become known for meeting short deadlines and working with contractors to make certain every specification is precisely met and on time.

CHOOSE CUSTOM-DESIGNED OR STANDARD PRODUCTS: While our design teams create unique lighting systems customized to your needs, we also offer a complete line of state-of-the-art standard products for offices, retail space, and educational facilities.